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So, my cousin Claire, who has just turned 10 (which is making me feel super-old) is into Baby-Sitters Club. I don't know how she found the books, but she was reading one when she came out here about a month ago. I was so happy when I found this out, and I gave her my double of BSC in the USA. She thought that was really cool cause she hadn't seen the Super Specials before.

So today I went to the used bookstore to get her birthday present (her birthday was yesterday, I suck). I got her the three Super Specials they had, which were Winter Vacation, California Girls, and Shadow Lake. I also got her Logan Likes Mary Anne, because that's a classic that everyone should read.

I bet she totally ends up wanting the famous cities skirt.

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I have to be at work in three and a half hours, and I still haven't slept.

I'm quitting my job today. I already emailed the sucky tour director and told her that my last day would be June 18th.

I don't know what I'm doing after. I can't really afford to move to Austin without any credible job leads. So I'm just sort of stuck, figuring out something. I'll go somewhere. At this point, I don't even care where.

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I wish that I had pictures from the Plain White T's concert, but I don't, other than crappy cell phone ones. However, the fact that I don't have pictures is what made it such a great night.

I signed up to be on the "street team" for this concert through the PWT's website. Basically it meant that I'd have to hang up posters around town promoting the concert, and for that, I'd get a free ticket and get to go to a meet & greet. The tickets were pretty cheap but this was still a cool thing to get to do.

So I hung up my posters and headed to Charlotte for it, waited outside, and I brought my camera with me, my nice Nikon D40. Just as they were letting in the people for the meet & greet, which was me, one other girl who did the street team, and some people who won radio contests, they told me I couldn't have that camera in there. I asked if I could bring it in just for the meet & greet, and then bring it out to my car. One of the security guys went to check, then had to tell me no. He told me to hurry out to my car to put it away, which was luckily just across the street. I ran, put it in the car (which took a few cause I wanted to hide it in the glove compartment), then ran back to the arena, and the security guys had already gone inside, and the doors didn't open from the outside. So it took forever to get one of them back to let me in, and by the time I got in, I'd missed the meet & greet. I talked to this one guy who either worked for the concert hall or the PWT's, and he said that the band was in interviews now, so they couldn't meet with me, but he told me to find him after the show, and that they'd at least get me autographs. I told him that I'd driven four hours for this and really wanted to meet them, not just get an autograph, cause I'm actually not all that concerned with autographs to begin with. He said he'd see what he could do. I heard from the other street teamer that the meet & greet they did wasn't anything that great anyway, just an autograph line, but I still wanted to do it.

I joined the crowd for the concert and I had the best time. I thought I might not enjoy it much being there by myself, but it ended up not mattering. I was right up at the stage, and I loved it. There were two opening acts, one band called Day's Difference that was awesome, and another called Company of Thieves, which was also good, but Day's Difference was better. Then finaly the Plain White T's came out and they were amazing. If you get a chance to see them, do it. This tour's almost over, but they're going to tour again in the fall. They put on a great show.

After the show, I went over to the stage doors where I'd talked to the promoter guy (or whatever he was) and waited for him, and spent the time talking to a really nice security guard. The promoter guy came out and told me to wait there, and told the security guard that even if they started kicking people out of the concert hall, to make sure I got to stay. A few minutes later, the tour manager came out and brought me backstage. He led me right into their dressing room, and I got to meet four of the five band members. No idea where the other guy was. I talked to them for probably a good five or ten minutes, and they are the nicest sweetest guys. They were very apologetic about what happened before the concert, and I told them that it was fine, cause it wasn't their fault anyway. And really, it worked out even better, cause if I'd gotten in there, all I'd have done was the quick autograph line. This way, I talked to them for a good amount of time, and while I felt like a total dork, it was still fun. I mentioned how one of my favorite songs of theirs is "That Girl", which isn't released, and that I was so glad they sang it, and Demar, the drummer, was all excited and goes "It's my favorite too!". And Tom, the lead singer, was such a sweetheart too. They gave me an autographed poster, they autographed my ticket as well, and took a picture with me on my phone.

I was a big fan of these guys before, but now, thanks to meeting them, I'm an even bigger fan. Such nice sweet awesome guys. I already want to see them again.

And the next time I see them could possibly be in Austin. I'm figuring all that out. More details to come.

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I'm done.

I'm so done.

I'm not going to miss out on my July 4th beach weekend with my family just because Kelly sucks as a tour director.

I am seriously contemplating just driving to Austin and seeing what happens.

Other options would be Atlanta, Knoxville, or Silver Spring, but at least I could more than likely crash on Eric's couch in Austin.

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I really need to quit my job.

I know I've been saying that for awhile, but it's just feeling more and more needed.

I keep screwing up. Two times recently wehn I've gone out to shoot a story with a reporter, I forgot to check the microphone, assumed it was on, and it wasn't. I'm growing more and more bitter towards everything. We don't have a producer anymore on our show thanks to more layoffs. Really that's good cause none of us liked the producer and things have gone smoother without her there, but it also means that I'm doing more because I have to go in the booth when I can during the show and time weather and stuff, bt there's no chance of me getting a raise.

I feel like I'm killing myself for this part-time job. If I work at tours, I dont' get a day off all week. I can't get on a good sleep schedule no matter what I do so I'm tired all week. Even at tours, which I love, I'm feeling cranky towards. Our old tour director left and they had to hire a new one and instead of hiring me, who's been there over a year, this new girl got hired, and she's horrible. She doesn't know tours and she's making me trying to get a weekend off so complicated. A few days after the June scedule came out, I found out there was a Plain White T's concert in Charlotte, and I got on the street team for it, so I just hang up posters and stuff and I get a free ticket and a meet-and-greet. It's this weekend and for the past three weeks, I've been busting my butt trying to get someone to cover. A new girl got hired who can work for me on Saturday but I have no one for Sunday. I want to just not show up. Other people all the time just don't show up for work or say they're sick or have a last-minute lame excuse. It's a pain but again, this is a two day a week minimum wage job. We're all totally chill about it. And she's driving me insane. I know that all the other guides would be fine if I just took Sunday off, but she's making it such a pain. There isn't anyone else to cover for me.

Meanwhile, I go to bed early every night, I never want to go out anymore, I feel tired all afternoon, and I'm doing all this for a job that I keep screwing up at lately and don't care about and where I'm not getting paid enough.

But for the past couple months, I've been job-hunting like crazy, and haven't gotten a single call back.

So I have no clue what the hell to do.

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Ok, the Utah Film Commission can bite me. I don't think I actually want to live in Utah, but I know they do a ton of filming out there, cause practically every Disney Channel movie is filmed there. I called them up to get the production hotline number and now I wish I'd lied and said I lived in Utah because they only give it out to locals so that locals will be employed. Which... I get, but still.

I'm on this erratic job hunt. I'm looking all ovr the country, though I really don't want to move all that far away. I feel like, while I'm good at the news thing, I don't want to be stuck in it. I want to work on a real show or movie. There's a movie coming to Savannah this summer, a Nicholas Sparks book, starring Miley Cyrus. It was between them and Wilmington and because NC's tax incentive sucks now for films, it went to Savannah. We have this movie filming here now starring Hilary Duff but it's all been realy sketchy and vague and stuff, no one really knows what's going on with it. Maybe there could be a shot at One Tree Hill again, that starts back up in the middle of June, so I'll try for it at the end of May if nothing else has happened. In the meantime, I check Savannah's film site daily to see if there's contact info up for the Miley Cyrus movie, I check the tv stations in Charleston just about every day (even though I don't know that I want to move ust to be at another tv station) and then I just check all over the place.

I like my job, for the most part. I just absolutely hate the hours. I miss staying up late and sleeping in. I feel tired all the time. I used to mostly like my job, as much as anyone likes their job really, and one thing I liked was all the people I worked with. Now I'm there so early in the morning that I barely see anyone. And now studio tours are going to both Saturday and Sunday starting in May and I'm working them the first three weekends of the month so I basically don't have a day off for three weeks.

I wish I could be spontaneous, like just pick up and move to Charleston or Savannah or Austin or wherever and hope that things worked out there, but I don't think I can do that.

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Most everyone's probably seen these already, since I put them on Facebook and stuff, but in ase anyone hasn't or missed them on Facebook or whatever, here's my pictures from Charleston!

Charleston pics!

Just last week, Target had a special on their Nikon D40. I considered it fate that it went on special right before my trip, so I bought it, and will be paying off the credit card forever. Totally worth it though.

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To do list for this weekend...

- Movie night. Yes, this is a to-do, not just a fun idea. I'm going to rent Slumdog since I never got around to seeing it in the theatres. And possibly even stop by the theatre and get movie popcorn for watching it. Maybe rent something else too. Twilight possibly.
- Re-highlight hair. Totally shallow of me but I want my hair to look fab for seeing Scott in Charleston.
- Clean out closet
- Fit in going to the Azalea Festival at some point

Plus I'm working on Saturday, doing some production work for our live broadcast of the Azalea parade.

Taxes should be my most important thing on the list, followed closely by working. However, what's feeling most important to me is the Slumdog/popcorn night. I think my priorities are in order.

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I'm feeling the need for change.

I love the new position I have at the station. For those I haven't updated, since I know I didn't mention it in here, I got hired back at the station after my two week layoff. This other employee got fired cause he sucked, there was some discussion, and I got a call asking if I waned to work on the morning show. It's mostly the same stuff I did before, editing, but I've also learned how to do the camera. I've shot a lot of stuff that's been on the show so far, mostly simple stuff. Each week I go get shots of restaurants that have high/low health scores for our Kitchen Cops report. I film footage of a pet up for adoption for Pet Pals. I've gotten random b-roll footage of whatever, such as getting a few tourist attractions to air during an interview about the Be A Tourist In Your Hometown day, or getting shots of the UNCW campus since we use that all the time. And I've done some b-roll footage for some different news stories as well, just whatever was needed. Last week, I got to shoot my first complete story. I'll post it here when it airs, it's on hold right now, but should air soon (it's a human interest story, not necessarily news that has to air at a certain time).

However, the job is still just part-time. And since it's the morning show, it's really sucky hours. I have to be at work at 4:30am. I do like that the shift is relaxed, because I'm not there at the same time as the upper-management people, so it's really calm and nice. I just feel like I'm not going to get used to the hours. I feel tired most of the day, and I go to bed really early, and I feel like it's keeping me from going out and actually doing stuff.

Not that I can do a whole lot because I'm slowly going broke. I just can't really afford to keep being at a part-time job. I still have the tours but that's minimum wage, I mostly just stick with those cause they're fun. I do need another job but I don't know what I can get, I've looked around a lot and I'm not finding anything.

Scott and his boyfriend Robert are coming down to Charleston in a few weeks because they read Southern Living all the time and want to see the town and are considering moving there. I'm going down to meet them for a night. I have all the Charleston tv stations bookmarked, as well as a few stations in choice cities (aka, cities where I have friends) and I check them a lot for openings. I love Wilmington but I don't know if I can go anywhere here, so maybe I'll need to just end up going somewhere else.

At any rate, I need something that pays. I'm tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck, I want to be able to be comfortable so I'm not screwed if something comes up, and can also have enough to be able to buy things I want without regretting it later.